Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Dirty Planet

Dub Intervention with Ed2000

Dirty Planet

This weeks show features 3 tracks from the excellent new Rennie Pilgrem LP entitled Dirty Planet, Lukado, Rollover DJs & Salamanda shining bright with brand new tracks, current happening sounds from Sock Drawer & Sonlife plus vocal bytes from Edwin Starr, Mickey Dread, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, Dr. John, Marlena Shaw, Dumbledore, Louis Cypher, Harry Angel, Epiphany Proudfoot, Spider Simpson Bartholomew & Jonathan.E.

New fusions birthing new directions, Sonic Sedition is the name of the game, This is Dub Intervention!

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6 Jan, 2024

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Track List

  • Salamanda - Sending Ritual
  • This Dream Is Real - The Prince Of Dance
  • The Rolling Stones - We Love You (Dreamtime Acapella Drone Version)
  • Salamanda - In Parallel
  • B6-8 - Earth Before The Space Race Ptl-lll
  • B5 - Tiny Island
  • Sock Drawer - Serious Tune ( Shadow Child Emo Rave Remix Instr)
  • Dr John - Walk On Gilded Splinters (Acapella)
  • Sonlife - Blue Whales Theme
  • Sonlife - Cosmik
  • Sonlife - Piece By Piece
  • Lukado - 7th Floor
  • Lukado - Realm Creation Jutsu
  • Lukado - Planet Destroyer
  • Rennie Pilgrem - The Only Thing That Can Stop Me Is You
  • Rennie Pilgrem - Path Master
  • Rennie Pilgrem - Dirty Planet