Dub Intervention with Ed2000 & Educador

Dub Intervention

A New Vibration Has Begun

Dub Intervention

A New Vibration Has Begun

Eric Prince, Educador and Ed2000, veterans of the warped groove evolving new sound and rhythm to seed a new world where peace love and understanding exist for real in all of us.

How? with a brand new power Dub from frontline activist Jah Schulz,

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6 Nov, 2021

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Track List

  • Ed2000 in the mix:
  • Jah Schulz - Lessons in Dub
  • Jah Schulz - Root Version
  • Jah Schulz -
  • Eric Prince In The Mix:
  • Jack The Box, Bobby Starrr, Tyree Cooper, Mandel Turner - Heat (Tyree Cooper Remix)
  • Prince of Dance - What If? (Very Very Happy Version)
  • Ephraim Trenidad - Everyday People (Original Mix)
  • Marlon D - Jesus Creates Sound (Remix)
  • Ziggy Funk, Taliwa, DJ Spen, Thommy Davis, Gary Hudgins - What You Afraid Of (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Disco Party Mix)
  • Jeremy Sylvester - Come Into My Heart
  • Louie Vega, Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music In The Streets (Touch Mix)
  • Acid Ultras - Rum and Rosary Beads (Original Mix)
  • Antonio Lyons - My Africa (Trilaterals Afreek Re-Freek Remix)
  • Red Cloud - I Want To Be Free (Original Mix)
  • José Manul - Hungry (Leo Mas & Fabrice Dub Remix)
  • Ultra Soul Project - Outdaughtered (Original Mix)
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Conway's Extended 4-To-The-Floor Mix)
  • Hardage, Gil Scott-Heron - Hysterical Years (Luyo Remix)
  • Stephane Deschezeaux - If you feel it (Original Mix)
  • The Allergies, Andy Cooper - Rock Rock
  • Sunday Slim - Take Me Back (DJ EFX'S VOX 2020 MIX)
  • Coco Bryce - Killing Me
  • Educador in the Mix: