FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk


FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk


Inspired by the uplifting track by the UK duo 2fox – “Elevation” with soulful vocalist Laville – FSQ show host Chuck Da Fonk programs the first hour with tunes that will elevate you and take you all the way UP!

Chuck also celebrates his recent achievement of bicycling to the top of a local San Francisco mountain, Mount Tamalpais, by spinning some tunes that pay homage to Mountains including selections by Prince, Yello, and the Tour De France Netflix soundtrack by Si Begg. Brand new music in the second hour by Roisin Murphy, Pet Shop Boys, Remi Wolf, LA Priest and Ultraflex.

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16 May, 2024

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Track List

  • 2fox, Laville - Elevation (Extended Mix)
  • 2fox, Laville - Elevation (Extended Instrumental Mix)
  • Television - Elevation
  • The Isley Brothers - Climbin' Up The Ladder, Pts. 1 & 2
  • Soul Clap - Elevation (Feat. Ricky Tan, Dayonne Rollins & Freeky Neek)
  • Prince - Mountains
  • Keni Burke - Risin' To The Top
  • Si Begg - 168 Riders
  • Si Begg - Peloton
  • Yello - Liquid Mountain
  • Michna - Triple Chrome Dipped
  • Third Attempt - Blessed
  • Si Begg - Tom Pidcock Wind On Alp D'Huez
  • Pet Shop Boys - The Secret To Happiness
  • TEILZ - Angel In The Darkness
  • Róisín Murphy - The House (System Olympia Remix)
  • Remi Wolf - Alone In Miami
  • PREP - Call It (Featuring Eddie Chacon)
  • Jacob Gurevitsch - Elevation In Minor (Cosmodelica Remix)
  • Fred Everything - Never (Feat. Robert Owens)
  • LA Priest - Apple
  • Pet Shop Boys - New London Boy
  • Ultraflex - Say Goodbye