Golazo with Matt Pape

Golazo with Matt Pape

Technø Primitiv

Golazo with Matt Pape

Technø Primitiv

¡Golazo! The Indie Disco Show where Eclectic is the Common Denominator. Broadcasting on the Internet Radio realm, never a queue, goes out worldwide to your own personal device – Baggy, Shaggy, Dubby, Wonky and Wild.

This show is as bright and gray as a Mid May hazy day as summer is only a trip away – the vibes are Downbeat Drum & Bass, Dub Disco, Electro Underground and weird Abstract Sonic Acid Attractions. Or as listener Kate said, “Music to masicate the sad desk salad to.” Enjoy.

Music; Chris & Cosey, Jam & Spoon, Bent, Novella, Sonic Boom, Stereolab, Singers & Players, Thievery Corporation, Racquel Jones and loads more.

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16 May, 2024

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Track List

  • Chris & Cosey - Technø Primitiv
  • Hidden Agenda - Feels Good
  • Jam & Spoon - Stella (Moby Electro)
  • Bent - Invisible Pedestrian
  • The Modernist - Protest Song 3 (Michael Mayer Remix)
  • Max In The World - The Living Dub (Sentiments’ D-More Mix)
  • Sepehr - Hallucination Express
  • Green Nun, Of The Revolution - Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee
  • Novella - Follow
  • Sonic Boom - Angel (Extended)
  • Stereolab - The Groop Played Cord X
  • General Public - Dishwasher
  • Tommy James - Draggin The Line
  • Singers & Players - Devious Woman
  • Lee Perry Vs. The Moody Boyz - God Smiled (Dub Take)
  • Dima Disk - Rolla
  • Noel Sanger - Lift
  • Pratt & McClain - Whatchersign? (East Village Edit)
  • Schatzi - Bang Bang
  • Thievery Corporation, Racquel Jones - Letter To The Editor
  • The Animated Egg - Sock It My Way
  • Mirco De Govia - Epic Monolith (Sonorous' Epic Dub)