Iron Leg Radio with Larry Grogan

Iron Leg Radio with Larry Grogan

Freaky Head Trip

Iron Leg Radio with Larry Grogan

Freaky Head Trip

Join me this month for a freaky excursion into the back alleys of the windmills of your mind with some psychedelic electronics, heavy rock and pop.

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1 Oct, 2023

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Track List

  • Towa Tei - Technova (La em Copacabana)
  • DJ Shadow - Building Steam With a Grain of Salt
  • DJ Shadow - The Numbers Song
  • Strange Cargo - She Cries Your Name
  • Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone
  • Led Zeppelin - In the Light
  • John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy - Impressions
  • Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Down By the River
  • Weather Report - Teen Town
  • The Orb - Towers of Dub
  • Tortoise - Djed
  • Vanilla Fudge - Some Velvet Morning
  • Gordian Knot - Year of the Sun
  • Association - Birthday Morning