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Matt Pape Mixtape


Matt Pape Mixtape


The inspiration for this week’s mixtape is down to correspondence with John Matthews, a person whose musical knowledge and taste I trust more than most. The inclusion of Fat White Family remixed by Arab Acid? That was John. Also while listening to the Face Radio this week – on The London Hippy I heard Barcelona duo Magik Brother & Mystic Sister, and on The Free Design a song by Chapterhouse – and they sounded so great, I was inspired to play different tracks by these bands.

As spring turns to summer and the flowers bloom, it’s a mixtape full of dream pop, shoegaze and psychedelic folk, sounds to drift away in a field of flowers. Get the earbuds on and walk the dog, or just listen.

Music; Yellowman, Big Audio Dynamite, Magik Brother & Mystic Sister, The Cure, Chapterhouse, Fat White Family, Acid Arib, Spiritualized and loads more.

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31 May, 2024

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Track List

  • Birds Of Avalon - Uncanny Valley
  • Yellowman - Leaving On A Jet Plane (Live)
  • Grapefruit - Lullaby
  • The Lemonheads - Different Drum
  • Derazo, Felguk, The Walkmen, Genezio - Beautify Me
  • The Hollies - King Midas In Reverse
  • Big Audio Dynamite - Innocent Child
  • Jonquera - La Colline d-En Face
  • Magik Brother & Mystic Sister - THE HIGH PRIESTESS
  • Blandshell - Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
  • Frank Lenz - A Kill He’s Healed
  • The Cure - To Wish Impossible Things
  • The Fauns - …Road Meets The Sky
  • Chapterhouse - Mesmerize
  • Fat White Family - Bullet Of Dignity (Acid Arab Remix)
  • Spiritualized - Always Together With You
  • Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Ambisonic (Piano Mix)