On Target with Mod Marty

On Target With Mod Marty

Ten Years Old

On Target With Mod Marty

Ten Years Old

On Target is 10 years old! Celebrate this milestone with Mod Marty (and some friends) as he spins 1960s mod and soul music on 45rpm vinyl.

Join the anniversary party and groove to the sounds of a generation, with rare gems and underground classics that continue to inspire.

A huge thank you to our listeners (and occasional guests) for a decade of support – here’s to many more years of mod magic with Mod Marty at the helm!

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Tune into new broadcasts of On Target, Monday from 11 PM – Midnight EST / 4 – 5 AM GMT. (Tuesday)

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11 Mar, 2024

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Track List

  • Little Richard - Soul Train
  • Spyder Turner - You're Good Enough For Me
  • The Soul Sisters - I Can't Stand It
  • The Tripps - Give It Back
  • The Vontastics - You Can Work It Out
  • The Precisions - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)
  • The Tidal Wave - Searching For Love
  • The Vacels - You're My Baby (And Dont You Forget It)
  • Luvin' Kynd - Missy D.M.
  • Major Lance - Investigate
  • The Light Drivers - Operator
  • The Mighty Marvellows - Talkin' 'Bout You Baby
  • The Satisfactions - Keep On Trying
  • London Fogg - Easy Mover
  • Bobby Emmons - Blue Organ
  • The Mark Four - Work All Day (Sleep At Night)
  • The Rationals - Hold On Baby
  • The Down 5 - I'm Takin' It Home