On Target With Mod Marty

On Target With Mod Marty

Travelin' Man

On Target With Mod Marty

Travelin' Man

Hop on board the latest episode of On Target with Mod Marty as he takes you on a sonic road trip through the vibrant landscapes of 60’s soul, R&B, Beat, and Garage Rock.

Buckle up for a thrilling journey, where each track is a scenic route to the golden era of vinyl. This episode is your ticket to an auditory adventure, exploring the timeless tunes that paved the way for today’s music.

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8 Jul, 2024

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Track List

  • The Chartbusters - New Orleans
  • The Tabs - The Wallop
  • Maxine Brown - My Life
  • Joe Tex - Fresh Out Of Tears
  • The Drifters - We Gotta Sing
  • August & Deneen - We Go Together
  • Bob Kuban & The In Men - The Cheater
  • The David Rockingham Trio - Dawn
  • The Hipster Image - Make Her Mine
  • Joe Stampley & The Uniques - Fast Way Of Living
  • Deena Thomas - Standing There Crying
  • The Knight Brothers - Love (Can You Hear Me)
  • Gene Chandler - I Hate To Be The One To Say
  • Edwin Starr - Headline News
  • Joe Simon - Travelin' Man
  • Jackie Lee - Do The Temptaion Walk
  • The Beatstalkers - Base Line
  • The Hi-Numbers - Dancing In The Street
  • Paul Revere & The Raiders - Hungry
  • The Strange Bros. Show - Shakey Jakes
  • Nick Waterhouse - It No.3