Work Your Soul with Gail Smith

Work Your Soul with Gail Smith

Red Beans and Rice

Work Your Soul with Gail Smith

Red Beans and Rice

Gail Smith raids the vinyl vaults Down Under for another hours’ worth of stellar 45s This month’s delve unearths scorching R&B, northern classics, top-notch instrumentals and some fine mellow 45s.

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3 Oct, 2021

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Track List

  • Dion & The Belmonts - Berimbau
  • Roscoe Robinson - What Makes A Man Do Wrong
  • Curtis Knight - Voodoo Woman
  • Jimmy Norman - Dotted Line
  • Booker T & The MGs- Red Beans And Rice
  • Ike Turner - The New Breed Part 1
  • Azie Mortimer - You Can’t Take It Away
  • Mary Love - Hey Stoney Face
  • Kenny Carlton - Wait Til I Get You In My Arms
  • Kim Weston - You’re Just The Kind Of Guy
  • Malcolm Hayes - Put Your Love To The Test
  • Lottie Joe Jones - Walk Tall
  • Willie Parker - You Got Your Finger In My Eye
  • Oliver Norman - Drowning In My Own Despair
  • Poindexter Bros - Get Your Backfield In Motion
  • Nick Ashford - Dead End Kids
  • Nick Ashford - When I Feel The Need
  • Willie Hightower - Because I Love You
  • Stanley Woodruff & The Us Trio - What Took You So Long
  • Smith Bros - Payback's A Drag
  • Jimmie Willis - Soul Power