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The Face Radio founder Kurtis Powers


Kurtis Powers

Kurtis Powers, the founder of The Face Radio, loves his music, and loves to talk about it. Add a glass of wine to his gift of gab and it’s only fitting that Kurtis Powers’ Soul Rendezvous becomes a conversation surrounded by top quality soulful sounds.

Contributions by The Face

The Lex Lair with Lex Nell

This week's sonic journey will take you through 80's new wave, avant jazz, leftfield electronica and house

Too Much Rap with Donwill

Too Much Rap with Donwill

Donwill works his way through the new rap songs of the last two weeks.

Fruitful Radio with Nick Carling

We give a respectful nod to the don, Mr. Andrew Weatherall R.I.P

Eastside Soul with Tizzy Terrell

This week music from Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers, Herb Ward, Sweet Mixture, & the Monophonics to name a few.

Seeing Sounds with Marcus Logan

This week, Marcus takes you on a musical journey of new and old inspired by the 90' UK Acid Jazz movement.

Follow Your Bliss with Monday Blue

Follow Your Bliss with Monday Blue

This week's episode starts off sweet, gets funky in between, and glides out like sand through the hourglass.