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The Face Radio founder Kurtis Powers


Kurtis Powers

Kurtis Powers, the founder of The Face Radio, loves his music, and loves to talk about it. Add a glass of wine to his gift of gab and it’s only fitting that Kurtis Powers’ Soul Rendezvous becomes a conversation surrounded by top quality soulful sounds.

Contributions by The Face

Eastside Soul with Tizzy Terrell

This week Will Clarke joined Tizzy in the studio for his Birthday show.

Bionic Boogie NYC with Mister Cam-Run

Mister Cam-Run takes us on a vinyl journey from beats and hip hop into boogie and house vibes.

Follow Your Bliss with Monday Blue

Follow Your Bliss with Monday Blue

This week, it's Thanksgiving Eve in the U.S. and we're giving thanks for music

The T with Tre D’Ambrocia

This episode, is a Thanksgiving T that is stuffed with thankful selections.

Disco Freaks

Disco Freaks delivered two hours of silky funk and groove with an added dose of jazz.

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

FSQ with Chuck Da Fonk

This show features many of those tunes that never made it to air because of time constraints, but in this episode, these "leftover" songs finally get their play