Soulside - All The Flavours Of Soul

Based between Margate and London in the UK, Soulside brings the many flavours of Soul old & new

Soulside – All The Flavours Of Soul

by | 6 Jun, 2022

Based between Margate and London in the UK, Tim has presented his weekly live show, Soulside, since November 2020. Although DJing for many years, The Face Radio was Tim’s first jaunt into broadcasting.

The Soulside is as the name suggests, music on the soul side. Whether straight down Soul, Funk, Jazz, Northern Soul or Disco and occasionally a touch of Reggae, Latin and R&B, Tim loves to explore all the delicious flavours that soul has to offer whether old or new.

Tim came from a household that loved Jazz and grew up in the 70s when Soul and Funk were in their prime. He says the music just stayed with him and his passion for it was reignited in his Modernist days of the early 80s alongside exploring Northern Soul. He recalls sharp suits, scooters and banging Soul music were where it was at and it continues to inform his craving for all things on the soul side. However, Tim does not stay in the past and loves to explore new music alongside old favourites and rarities. He says, “Music continues to be a journey where you need to keep moving forward and explore but know what the best of the past teaches us”.

This is also reflected in Tim’s live gigs which can range from straight up Northern Soul nights to more eclectic soulful nights. His live weekly radio show is where Tim feels most at home engaging with listeners from around the globe. He particularly loves doing the Trifecta section of his show. He says it’s a real collaboration between me and the listeners and sometimes the artists. With 3 artists being picked and Tim choosing a track from each it often brings up some interesting choices.

Picking a favourite track was a difficult task for Tim, but he landed on Chris Calloway’s – You’re Something Else. He says, “this upbeat track has everything. Not only was it the only single released by the daughter of the famous Cab Calloway, it oozes mid 60s soul class and is a bit of a rarity to play out. It always get them up on their feet. The B-side is tasty too”.

Tune into new broadcasts of Soulside, LIVE, Tuesday from 2 – 4 PM EST / 7 – 9 PM GMT.

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