Jungle Fire N.U.S.A.U. La Kossa Review

Jungle Fire

N.U.S.A.U. / La Kossa

Label: Colemine Records

Release Date: 13 January 2017

Rating:[star rating='5' ]

Essential Tracks: N.U.S.A.U., La Kossa



10 Jan, 2017

Jungle Fire’s brand new 45 is lifted from their forthcoming album ‘Jambu’. The A-side, ‘N.U.S.A.U.’ does not disappoint and delivers the bands signature blend of high tempo Afro-Caribbean rhythms blended with West African dance music. The track is a pulsating barrage of up tempo deep funk sounds guaranteed to spread a wild fire across the dance floor. ‘La Kossa’, the B-side, keeps the vibe bouncing and leaves you gasping for air by the time the track concludes. Judging by the standards delivered on this 45, the new album cannot come soon enough!

The 45 is limited to 300 on Green Colored Vinyl, with the remainder of the pressing on Black Vinyl.