Soul Scratch Catching Fire Review

Soul Scratch

Pushing Fire

Label: Colemine Records

Release Date: 13 January 2017


Essential Tracks: Empty Cup, Fireside Lounge



5 Jan, 2017

The third album by Soul Scratch released via Colemine Records sees the band develop their brand of classic sounding funk and soul while navigating the “difficult 3rd album” scenario with ease.

The five-piece band based in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, blaze a trail with the ten track Pushing Fire release. The album sparks into life with the single ‘Pacified,’ a hard hitting groover. The pace then mellows into a slower burn until the it quickens on Odessa Heat.’ This offers up-tempo vintage rhythms blended with rich sounding horns.

Two tracks worthy of special mention are Empty Cup,’ a scorcher that’s sure to raise the heat on the dance floor or in your record room and the instrumental, Fireside Lounge,’ that delivers a warm glow to this fine collection of songs.

Colemine Records has unearthed yet another quality band to add to its family. Lend your ears to Soul Scratch’s Pushing Fire, the ten sizzlers contained within will not disappoint.