Nick Pride and the Pimptones The Bootleg Project Review

Nick Pride & The Pimptones

The Bootleg Project

Label: Self-Released

Release Date: 16 August 2015

Rating:[star rating='3' ]

Essential Tracks: Deeper Pimp, White Lines, Get Hooker - (Get Carter re-work)



16 Oct, 2015

Weighing in with a running time of 65 minutes playback time, this eight track offering of mashed jazz-funked up tunes will have you grooving and moving all the way.

Nick Pride & The Pimptones hail from ‘Funk On Tyne’ or as its more commonly known, Newcastle Upon Tyne. The album was produced by Nick Pride and Oscar Cassidy (ex Smoove & Turrell) between 2011 & 2014 and also features on sax Dave Wilde (King Bee, ex Smoove & Turrell)

The album blasts off with ‘Deeper Pimp’ the track runs for 9:39 mins and will leave you on the ropes begging for mercy by the time it concludes. The instrumental cover of White Lines featuring heavy horns and sax is superb and the jazz-funky soul cover of Massive Attacks ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ does not sound out of place in amongst this collection.