Feeling Nice Various Artists Vol 3 Review

Various Artists

Feeling Nice, Vol. 3

Label: Tramp Records

Release Date: 2 October 2015


Essential Tracks: Leave me Alone – Nadine Brown, The Sad Chicken – Leroy The Drivers, Breaking Out – Walt Bolen



17 Oct, 2015

As it says on the cover ‘A Collection of Super-rare & Super-heavy Funk from the late ‘60s and Early ‘70s and it does not disappoint! This 17 track compilation has liner notes that present a good background to the featured tracks and artists that help complete the picture of what this release is all about.

From the very first track you are transported back to the ‘60s and the overall feel just builds and builds. With a fast beat and classic soul guitar sound sprinkled with horns and Hammond there will be something on the album for those that love this genre. Granted not every track on the album is a winner; however, from Northern to Blaxploitation all the influences are here and there are some gems to be unearthed.