Roy Roberts Experience Recorded Output 1067-1980 Review

Roy Roberts Experience

A Collection of His Recorded Output 1967-1980

Label: Perfect Toy

Release Date: 24 February 2017

Rating:[star rating='4' ]

Essential Tracks: Got to Have All Your Love, I Know What to Do to Satisfy You, Bee Hive Pt.1



28 Feb, 2017

From his early career in the sixties Roy has played with the very best artists from the soul scene including Eddie Floyd, Stevie Wonder & Otis Redding. His signature sound is best described as a fusion of Memphis Soul & Blues and this is exemplified in all its glory across this superb collection.

The track selection is instantly appealing and the record has a good vibe running throughout, stand out tracks are ‘Got to Have All Your Love’, ‘I Know What to Do to Satisfy You’ and ‘Bee Hive Pt.1’.

If the classic blues and soul sound is what you crave then, ‘You Move Me, Pt. 1’ is the ‘cherry on the cake’ of this compilation. Go broaden your horizons and experience the legendary Roy Roberts!

The collection will be available on CD (17 tracks) & LP (11 Tracks).