The Milk My Favourite Worry Review

The Milk

Favourite Worry

Label: Wah Wah 45s

Release Date: 16 October 2015


Essential Tracks: 'Wanderlust', 'No Interruptions', 'Deliver Me', 'Trouble Gonna Bring Me Down'



23 Oct, 2015

The second offering by The Milk, ‘Favourite Worry’, has its roots firmly planted in the 70s Soul / R&B era. The opening track begins in melodramatic fashion with a cool mix of sound that includes a ‘Fender Rhodes Piano’ sounding keyboard and a hint of soothing flute that sets the tone for the album ahead.

It requires a few plays to fully appreciate this collection of songs, which in my opinion is always the sign of a good ‘record’. It will then become one you will appreciate and play over and over. The band’s love of 70s soul really shines through on ‘Deliver Me’ with heartfelt lyrics and a graceful guitar running through the track. If you want an album to massage your soul after a hard day then The Milk delivers!