Blow Up Digs the New Breed

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Blow-Up delivers a variety of tunes

by | 14 Feb, 2022

Every other week, we’ll feature one of the great shows here on The Face Radio. For our first, we shine a light on Blow-Up!

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Blow Up delivers a variety of tunes from Freakbeat, Garage, 60s R&B and Soul, through to Ska and Reggae.

A collective of like-minded folk brought together by a mutual love of good music, fine clothes, vintage scooters & talking nonsense.

Looking ever forward is the modernist mantra, and Blow Up digs the new breed, championing cool new acts alongside the classics. Matt, Sammy & Rich are your hosts, ably supported by regular contributors Glenn, Anita & Spencer.

Tune into new broadcasts of Blow-Up, Sunday from 7 – 9 PM EST / Midnight – 2 AM GMT.

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